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Lamp Shades

Internal Structure

Hardback framework

  • Framework size consists of a Top ring x Bottom ring x High
  • Fabric or paper is laminated to a Polystyrene inner lining / PVC/ PC /PP
  • Available with self fold trim or rolled edge

        * Spider    11 gauge wire with solid center washer is typically used with Harp

        * Uno Filter

    • Uno ring fits onto a threaded socket and is secured by a socket lock ring 
    • UNO socket ring we have in E14 (29mm), E22(36mm), E26(40mm) and E27(42mm)

        * Clip-on

    • A clip is attached to the top shade ring which clips directly onto the bulb.
    • Commonly use with a candelabra or "A" type bulb.

    Rings are available in plated and powder coated finishes. We recommend using powder coat in locations where humidity is a factor.


  • Softback shade = Full Framework
      • Softback shades are made with full framework, top and bottom ring welded together by ribs.
      • Stretched shades are made with an inner fabric lining, usually white, and an outer fabric that is stretched over the full framework.
      • Available with single fold trims and optional piping on the ribs.
      • Stretch shades are commonly referred to a "Empire Shades" .


    1. Pleated Shades
      • Shades are available in a varied pleat styles:
        • Soft Pleat
        • Knife Pleat-No Trim
        • Box Pleat
        • Pinch Pleat
        • A pleated fabric or vinyl is applied to a polystyrene body.
        • Self fold trim is used at the bottom and top rings
    2. Shade Trims
      • Double and Single Fold-Trim is adhered over the top and bottom shade rings.
      • Self Fold-No Trim- Fabric is tucked and glued around the shade rings.
      • Decorative Trims-Decorative trims are available in a multitude of styles and materials. We will be happy to work with you on locating the perfect decorative trim for your project. 


    Shade Shapes

       Shades are available in a vast array of styles and fabrics.

       The following illustrates the most frequently used shade  shapes.

    • Round Taper
    • Round Drum
    • Round Bell
    • Square Taper
    • Square Drum
    • Square Bell
    • Rectangular Drum
    • Rectangular Taper
    • Oval Drum
    • Oval Taper .. etc


    1. Round Shade:
      • Top x Bottom x Slant
    2. Oval and Rectangular Shades:
      • Top= Depth x Length
      • Bottom= Depth x Length
      • Top x Bottom x Slant 
    3. Square Shades:
      • Top= Depth x Length
      • Bottom= Depth x Length
      • Top x Bottom x Corner Slant 


    • Diffusers are used to obscure the light bulb and diffuse the light from the bulb.
    • Diffusers can be utilized for debris and bug guard
    • Diffusers are used on the top, bottom or both areas of a shade or fixture.
    • Diffusers are available in Acrylic/Plastics or use same fabric
    • Special considerations to heat must be made when using a diffuser 

    Our QC required,

  • Raw material ---> QC

  • Preparation   ---> QC

  • Outline process -> QC

  • Assemble      ---> QC

  • Finished good --> QC

  • Inspection before shipment

  • Testing at development staged


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